Northwest Territorial Mint Review

Investing in gold, whether for the long term or the short term is a clever option, according to experts, because gold, in contrast to fiat currencies, is not as unpredictable. With the market quite unstable, more people are now investing in gold to protect their assets, but with this comes the consequence of running out of supply. Precious metal is a commodity and so its prices are established by the laws of supply and demand.

Whenever the economy is not doing well, the demand for precious metals is generally higher due to the fact that investors use the precious metal as insurance or shielding from economic or geopolitical crises.

Seeing as more people currently are investing in precious metals, dealers are sprouting all over the place. Even though some possess stellar reputations as well as excellent rankings, others don’t. That’s why it is vital for those who are planning to invest in gold or in any precious metal to research first about the enterprise they are planning to trade with.

There are plenty of of ways to see whether a gold business offers good services or not. One of them is to analyze scores from reputable rating websites and another is to browse reviews about those organizations.

Northwest Territorial Mint is a Washington-based full-service mint that deals in precious metals and sells minted products. The firm has been in the business of creating and designing knives, medallions and coins since 1984 and has been noted for its craftsmanship ever since. Northwest Territorial Mint features quite a number of products and is nowadays the leading private mint in the US.

As shown by a Northwest Territorial Mint Review, the firm has an   overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. The review also claims that the order   arrived in its destination sooner than stated. Even if this is a positive   review, other comments on the mint company warn precious metal   investors to stay away from them on account of their unwillingness to   release funds and their failure to complete orders.


Another issue brought up in that specific review is the condition of the goods shipped to thebuyer. They are said to be scratched and are definitely not in mint condition even if they were classified as “new” on the company’s site.

One of the greatest problems, however, is the time that it takes for the organization to deliver the products. One review published on Gold Deal Reviews says that the order was placed middle of September in 2013 and arrived months later.

In 2008, a lawsuit was filed against Northwest Territorial Mint. By September that year, the office of the Washington Attorney General issued a press release that Northwest Territorial Mint must “honor its promises” in delivering purchases in a timely manner or give a refund to those whose orders were not delivered on schedule.

A business which has been sued for its shipping procedures is a cause for apprehension regardless of whether the business has its arguments as to the reasons why it takes longer for them to deliver precious metals to the customers than it takes other companies.

Yet, one must observe that while Northwest Territorial Mint is fairly sought after, it is important for them to disclose to their customers the true reasons why these buyers’ orders are not sent on schedule.

The lawsuit filed in February 2008 accused Northwest Territorial Mint and its president Mr. Ross Hansen of violating Washington’s Consumer Protection Act by providing a false representation of their delivery dates and by enforcing what the Attorney General’s Office described as an unfair reimbursement policy. The lawsuit was also filed due to a lack of response to consumer complaints on the side of Northwest Territorial Mint.

The State of Washington affirmed as well that the company and its president continually failed to send goods purchased at the time frame provided by the company itself and that clients who filed the complaints at the government office waited months before receiving the bullion they had purchased.

It is important to keep in mind that the Washington-based Northwest Territorial Mint did not acknowledge that they did anything wrong but disclosed their reimbursement policies as well as their delivery policies to the court. Additionally, they agreed that they will deliver goods as scheduled and offer refunds to those clients whose shipments have been delayed.

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