Bullion Direct Review

With the economic situation as it is, a lot of investors are thinking about alternatives they can trust to safeguard their financial perspectives. Many paper currency-backed commodities, for instance bonds and stocks, are prone to the uncertainties associated with inflation. Precious metal investing, on the other hand, could be a very good way to avoid possible hazards, as the value of precious metals is only expected to increase in the future as they become more scarce. For several traders just starting to think about the potential alternatives of the niche, it might be hard to be sure which trading company provides the best options.

Bullion Direct is one of several gold trading businesses on the market. It has quite an extensive background, as its website has been live since 2000. Numerous client evaluations mention the company’s history as a positive point of interest. Although it may suggest that the organization is knowledgeable and knows its way in the industry, it could also denote a reluctance to adjust to fresh trends. That is noticeable in the website interface; despite the fact that they provide a wide selection of items for the investor’s consideration, the site per se is not particularly interactive.

Besides the array of silver and gold products available on the website, traders will like to find out that there are palladium and platinum alternatives as well investors seeking to further diversify their portfolios. Traders who know about the standard Bullion Direct review know that while the business has a vast and varied choice of bullion types, the website’s unsophisticated interface might strike some potential customers as not very well representative of the selection. All the items are posted without illustrations, makes it challenging to the various kinds of coins.

In spite of the rather elementary entries and overall style, customers will probably be satisfied with the prices. Each bullion item is competitively priced so as to lead investment opportunities. Another interesting point in this regard is that platinum and palladium items are offered at fair prices, providing clients with even more investment possibilities in addition to ample varieties of silver and gold bullion.

The site has an FAQ section that details the manner in which they work with payment choices. Clients will notice that there are merely three payment methods to choose from: credit cards, general checks, and bank wire. On their website, they claim that their favored method is by personal check, though that does not mean their debit or credit card alternatives are not safe. Checks are the firm’s preferred method given that they do not incur any extra service charges, while debit and credit card payments, particularly on bigger purchases, could raise the price by as much as 5%. Moreover, some items cannot be acquired with a credit card because they are too costly. The bank wiring alternative is available for orders exceeding US$5,000.

Several clients state that the Bullion Direct website can be hard to manage as far as locating information. Though the site is easy to figure out, the shipping choices are not as readily accessible as on other companiesí websites. Clients need to look through the site to find out that the business ships via UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

The vast bullion selection available tends to make the site attractive to people just beginning to find out more about precious metal investment. Nonetheless, the website’s drawbacks in its user interface and challenging navigation might send those customers to other, easier to use trading sites. The competitive rates can attract potential traders, as long as they have enough patience to work their way through the website’s challenging navigation, the item choices can be rewarding. The website does not require a minimum order and its many resources available at different steps of the bullion acquisition process to help keep customers better informed. Additionally, all the shipments are covered by insurance so as to clients with peace of mind.

Although the business might seem to be centered on brand-new investors, several customer reviews claim otherwise. Bullion Direct possesses an A+ rating and certification with the Better Business Bureau, but they have also received seven complaints, most of them connected with delivery problems and product complaints.

This could be a cause for concern among prospective clients, as the delivery unit in a precious metal investment business is a particularly bad area to have complaints. Furthermore, although Bullion Direct has a page on both the Business Consumer Alliance and the TrustLink site, neither of these resources presents any details about business practices or consumer reviews. Potential traders should bear this in mind so they can make smart choices when dealing with this organization. Ripoff Report has an article about unethical practices on the part of the organization, which can signal a risk for prospective traders.

Additionally to these reported experiences, the company’s website leaves a lot to be desired.

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