An Overall Review Gainesville Coins

Gainesville Coins was launched in July 2006 and makes a specialty of selling and buying precious metals like gold and silver bullion coins, and collectible items such as coins and stamps. Gainesville is located in Florida and is not just accredited by the Better Business Bureau but boasts an A+ rating to boot.

Each and every trader who is considering conducting business with this organization would do well to learn more about it. The return potential on any specific investment decision is determined by numerous factors, and selecting the most appropriate business enterprise to trade with is one of the most crucial issues in the decision. Following is a Gainsville Coins Assessment which will offer investors a comprehensive view of the company’s good and bad points.

The Perks

Gainesville Coins is a relatively small company that specializes in trading gold and silver coins and bars at a very low cost. People who would like to purchase gold and promptly resell it for capital will quickly realize that working with this organization could very well be a good idea, especially if the investor is dealing with the enterprise personally instead of acquiring gold or silver online.

They also provides cost-effective storage facilities with an extremely high level of security and safety. The investors’ bullion coins and bars are kept in a segregated manner as opposed to being together with others’ assets. What is more, the storage area is completely covered by insurance and can additionally be used for some types of self-directed IRA accounts.

Gainesville Coins also offers account reports over the net and will buy back silver and gold assets in a timely, professional way. In spite of its relatively small size, the organization has plenty to offer both by means of expertise and silver and gold purchase possibilities.

The Disadvantages

Whilst Gainesville features an outstanding BBB score, it is equally crucial to keep in mind there have been 45 complaints against the business over the past several years. The majority of those are pertaining to product shipping and delivery, standard of product delivered, as well as customer service.

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TrustLink, a well-known review website, has no information on Gainesville. However, all but one Yelp reviewer have given the business a one-star review. Traders who are unhappy with the company comment that that Gainesville gives poor-quality client service. The organization does not seem to offer a reliable system for verifying the identity of online traders; it has failed to provide satisfactory shipping and delivery in some instances, and has even threatened customers with legal measures over disputes which were at least to a certain extent the company’s problem.

It should additionally be taken into account that, as the old saying says, “You get what you pay for.” While some other organizations offer you solely brand-new, first-rate bars, bullion coins and/or collectible coins, this cannot be said of Gainesville Coins. The organization acquires and resells bars and coins which can be in less than pristine overall condition; while the weight may be the exact same, it is essential to be aware that bars and coins which have clearly not been cared for adequately are often very hard to resell further down the line.

Other consumers have been alarmed by Gainesville’s unprofessional nature. The company works out of a small store in a plaza and does not strike one as being a dependable investment partner, especially considering the fact that a number of traders purchase tens of thousands of dollars of gold and/or silver in one business exchange. Even though the vault is said to possess a high level of security, customers are not permitted to visit, thus making it unfeasible to confirm that Gainesville does provide you with the top quality storage facility that it claims to have.

Moreover, as was observed above, the business is a comparatively new player. It has not been on the market for long, which means that there is a very real risk that it might not remain in business long-term. Precious metal ventures are increasing in recognition; there exists a lot of competitiveness in this particular area a lot of fledgling business enterprises just do not make it past the first or second decade of operation.

A Gainsville Coins Assessment Summary

People who plan on investing a comparatively small amount of dollars in silver and/or gold might discover that acquiring precious metal coins or bars from Gainesville is possibly not opportunity. The business boasts lower prices compared to most, if not all, of its competitors and those who deal with the enterprise directly report virtually no sales transactions difficulties. Moreover, the organization can provide very affordable but thoroughly protected storage facilities, allowing a person to safeguard his or her investments without the need to actually buy a high-priced home safe.

On the other hand, dealing with Gainsville over the internet is fraught with potential issues. While the company has a beautiful, highly professional website, anyone who has employed this website to invest in silver and/or gold report that the business deal is less-than-perfect on a number of levels. It is hard to actually talk with a live customer representative over the phone to take care of these concerns; furthermore, the company’s sales associates are often either rude or unprepared to eliminate the problem.

On top of that, it appears that Gainesville Coins sends purchases via USPS, which is not the most secure shipping option. Additionally, a variety of clients affirmed that the shipped package never arrived and it was fairly difficult to get the full reimbursement.

 Who to do Business With?

 As was observed above, it is very important to opt for a precious metal   business carefully, as some are superior to others. Gainesville,   unfortunately, is far from being one of the best dealerships around. In   general, individuals who are committed to investing in precious metals   would do well to work with a business which offers a substantial level   of customer service and has many years of experience with not merely   purchasing, selling and storing precious metals, but also rolling over IRA accounts.


Regal Assets is certainly one of the best businesses of this nature to deal with. Even though the organization has gotten a few bad reviews, it has a general high review rating from numerous investors who have conducted business with the organization. Regal Assets has been in the industry for more than 50 years, makes it easy for individuals to buy new, high quality precious metal products online, provides investment information and more.