Apmex Gold Review

Through the years, gold has become a popular investment option as people try to find ways to guard themselves against an unstable economy. In the same way, the numbers of gold selling companies have increased as different investors seek to maximize on precious metal sales. If you aim to get in on the action through Apmex though, here is an Apmex review to let you in on what the company is about first.

Product Variety 

Like Regal Assets, Apmex is a highly held online gold dealer. In addition to gold products, the company also offers silver, palladium and platinum. Considering the competitive pricing and the wide bullion selection offered by Apmex, ordering from the company is a straightforward process, and the most outstanding thing about it is that the company’s over the phone, online and IRA prices are the same.

In addition, Apmex also provides a range of options for buyers looking for gifts. These product selections include coin jewelry, bezels, key rings, and money clips as well as silver currency bars and gold pendants. Buyers looking for coins to say ‘thank you ‘or to commemorate special days can therefore be assured of enough alternatives. The layout on the site also enhances easy navigation so that customers can get the items they want without having to go through all the other sections, and this can be further narrowed down in terms of the manufacturer and size.

Payment and Shipping Options

Investors have several options when it comes to clearing their bill with Apmex and these alternatives include bank wire, personal check, certified check, cashiers’ check, money order and credit card. However, the business requires bank wire for orders exceeding $25 ,000, and credit cards for purchases on the range of $50-$1500 .For orders between $1500 and $5000, investors have more options seeing as they can pay through money order, credit card, checks or bank wire.

Even though Apmex shipping process is secure, it is quite complex, and costlier than Regal Assets’ considering the fact that the latter doesn’t require buyers to spend up to $25 ,000 to get shipping services for free. Nonetheless, all the packages are insured, and sent via FedEx, USPS or SPS, and these are accompanied with tracking information. On delivery, the recipient has to give their signature for safety purposes.

Other than that, the costs customers pay to get their goods shipped cater for insurance, and this probably explains why a good number of the customers who deal with Apmex say they would conduct transactions with the company again. It is also not uncommon to find an Apmex review of a customer stating that they would suggest the business to someone they know.

Customer Service

Apmex customer service representatives are available to help customers with the precious metal buying process and since they are not commissioned, they focus on giving clients the information they need rather than manipulating them into sales. To help customers know exactly what they are buying, the organization provides a detailed product description including specifications on the grade as well as thickness of the item. In connection with this, buyers also have the alternative of looking through reviews given by other customers.

In view of the hefty costs that come with gold investments, Apmex also provides buyers with process documents which help in explaining what the buying process entails. Additionally, they provide an instructional video that gives a step by step procedure which ultimately presents clients with answers to any additional inquiries they may have. When customers finally make a decision to purchase gold or any other precious metal for that matter, they can either get help from an account manager or make their order online.

Customer Complaints

With regard to Apmex’s rating in the Better Business Bureau, the company has an A+ which makes it a highly reputable business. However, to some extent, this also serves as a disadvantage because sometimes the products sold on their site are offered at a price much higher that what is seen on newer sites. For such reasons, a renowned seller such as Regal Assets may be a better option.

Besides, while the company has good BBB ratings, the fact that it has received many customer complaints cannot be disregarded. In most cases, whenever an issue arises, customers will make every effort to deal with the company involved before they resort to the BBB for a solution. With 60 complaints filed in the past three years, it shows that Apmex may not be as good at retaining customers as it is at finding new ones. Thus, it’s important for investors to be keen before investing with the company. Given this, all it takes is a little comparison with Regal Assets to single out the most beneficial offer.

Taking into consideration how sensitive the precious metal market is, every business has to be run based on maximum levels of trust. However, with the numerous negative reviews concerning shipment processes, high cancellation fees, and delayed returns among other issues, recommending Apmex as the ultimate gold dealer may not be completely accurate. There have also been cases of an Apmex review in which the customer complains of not having received the product they expected.

As well as the negative reviews, Apmex has no information listed on BCA, hence no BCA complaints. Neither does it have any information posted on Kudzu or Citysearch –and this is despite its good overall standing and long existence in the market. Nevertheless, the company has 6 reports made to rippoffreport .com, thus bringing into light the issue of customer satisfaction yet again. It is based on these grounds that Regal Assets cannot be overtaken as a market leader.

As a trailblazer, Regal Assets boasts an A+ BBB rating, AAA on BCA, 5 stars on TrustLink and no scam reports on Ripoffreport .com. Not to mention the fact that the business has a very comprehensive kit for all those individuals who wish to rollover their IRAs to gold IRAs. Thus, traders may be better off entrusting their investment to this leading precious metal company than to any other.

What Gold Company Do We Recommend?

For more practiced investors, as well as beginning ones, who would like to learn more about investing in Gold, dropping by RegalAssets.com can be a very good way to begin.

Regal Assets will walk you through and answer all of your questions. They will not pressure you into any sales. Their style is customer come first and foremost. They will also take the time to educate you on precious metals investing since this is YOUR hard earned, retirement money. When you call, you will be pointed to a representative and they definitely will answer every single phone call or email you may send them.

As if all of the that’s not enough, this company has the most responsible and trustworthy business practices demonstrated by the A+ rating with the BBB. You are guaranteed fast, efficient access to any precious metals you decide to purchase with a 7-day delivery guarantee as well.

Their Official Site: http://www.regalassets.com

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