A-Mark Precious Metals Review

Have you thought about how easy it could be to shed your lifetime savings as a result of today’s treacherous economy? If so, you’ll feel special to understand that by investing in a gold IRA you can not only protect whatever you have worked so hard for but additionally understand the net worth of one’s assets grow most of the time.

In this A-Mark Precious metals review we’re going to look at the corporation to see what they’re exactly about, and if you need to be using them being a part of your respective investment strategy.



A-Mark Precious Metals will be a precious metals trading company that delivers lots of services. In addition to being capable to buy, sell, and trade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, you’ll also gain extra access to financing, hedging, leasing, consignment, and other financial services.

As for IRA services, A-Mark Precious Metals is not the state run IRA custodian. 

It should also be noted that since A-Mark Precious Metals isn’t a real IRA custodian you need to really know what you’re buying once you do business with them, as only certain kinds of metals are IRS approved to your IRA.

Customer Feedback

We’ll go over what exactly everyone is saying about this company along with their performance. There wasn’t plenty of feedback in this case but we did manage to dig up two reviews.

This individual apparently includes a downside to A-Mark Precious Metal’s minimum order requirements:

“A-Mark is a very exclusive dealer with quite high trading minimums.  The last I checked the minimum trade, per trade, for gold was 100 ounces (about $175,000 per trade!).  The minimum for sliver was something equally high.  You must be in Mitt Romney’s tax bracket to cope with A Mark! (Oh Wait, his tax bracket is low, I meant you gotta be loaded like Mitt……)

The company is very secretive and publish their pricing online, but the last time I priced them these were higher priced to handle than either Gainsvillecoins.com or Apmex.com.  So so what can you get by trading with these?  I don’t know!” – Ethan Z. from Yelp.com

However, they offered a rebuttal to the above review:

“Seeing another report on the corporation forced me to be look closer at them. Their web site shows prices. They clearly state they are not a retail seller and provide to generate recommendations. So it seems someone at A Mark listened for the earlier review.” – Richard M. from Yelp.com

NOTE: As of this writing A-Mark Precious Metals comes with market pricing for assorted platinum products on their website. However what you’re charged might be different. Here can be a quote from other FAQ:

“Prices quoted over the phone include the prevailing prices immediately. The prices shown on our Web site could be delayed.”

Overall there weren’t many scores for A-Mark but this is just what we found:

3.5/5 – Yelp



A-Mark appears to be a reasonably decent gold and silver coins dealer, however they manage to restrain certain info until you join their services.

Another thing that is questionable is the somewhat limited selection of items and the fact that they don’t state regardless of whether they are IRS approved. If you’re aiming to add silver and gold coins for your IRA this could be a problem.

What Gold Company Do We Recommend?

For more practiced investors, as well as beginning ones, who would like to learn more about investing in Gold, dropping by RegalAssets.com can be a very good way to begin.

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As if all of the that’s not enough, this company has the most responsible and trustworthy business practices demonstrated by the A+ rating with the BBB. You are guaranteed fast, efficient access to any precious metals you decide to purchase with a 7-day delivery guarantee as well.

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